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On behalf of everyone at the CCM, welcome to the Cardio-Thoracic Centre of Monaco’s official website.
The Centre aims at all times to guarantee you the very best standards of care, delivered by our highly trained medical and surgical teams, with safe treatments of the highest quality, cutting-edge facilities, and friendly staff who are always ready to help.
Our teams always go the extra mile to meet your individual needs, and constantly adapt treatments to provide a comforting and compassionate care environment that’s right for you.
On this website, you can learn more about our Centre and find all of the practical information and contact details you might need.

Guy Nervo
Chief Executive

About the Cardio-Thoracic Centre of Monaco (CCM)

  • The CCM opened in the heart of the Principality of Monaco in 1987. It is a hospital dedicated exclusively to the treatment of thoracic and cardiovascular illnesses in adults and children. Its original concept is to provide treatment to patients from all countries and cultural backgrounds, enabling them to access the expertise of world-class medical and surgical care teams in a single location.
  • Overlooking the port of Monaco, surrounded by the luxury hotels and boutiques of the Principality, the CCM has:
    • 13,000 m2 of space across 12 floors
    • 72 beds and 15 intensive care beds
    • A 210 m² restaurant across two floors
  • The CCM is conveniently located within a 10-minute helicopter ride from Nice Côte d’Azur international airport. The Principality of Monaco lies in a central location on the Mediterranean, and is just a short flight away from major cities in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.
  • Monaco is world-famous for its many luxury hotels and exclusive levels of service. One of the most iconic is the Hôtel Hermitage, which adjoins the CCM and has a direct entrance to the Centre. To learn more about the Principality of Monaco:
  • Over 30 years, the Cardio-Thoracic Centre of Monaco has built an international reputation on its world-class medical and surgical care and next-generation facilities, thanks to our partnership with one of the world’s leading medical technology firms, Siemens Healthineers.

Our medical team

Highly-qualified expertise for personalized care

Our medical and surgical team, supported by our paramedical personnel, are constantly committed to guaranteeing the very highest standards of care. They are always available to address patients’ individual needs, delivering outstanding levels of expertise and high-quality, safe treatments.

Our doctors work together to determine each patient’s personal care pathway, ensuring a complete and comprehensive approach and optimising the treatment provided to deliver the best outcome.

  • The CCM has a permanent medical and surgical team of highly qualified doctors specializing in diagnostic and interventional cardiology, anaesthetists, and thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons, all experts in their fields. Thanks to their world-class skills, the Centre is equipped to treat all cardiovascular and thoracic illnesses in adults and children.
  • The CCM’s doctors are on-call round-the-clock, so patients have access to complete care 24/7, every day of the year. The CCM also has an emergency department.

Equipment and technology

With its high-tech facilities and next generation medical imaging equipment, the CCM is able to provide the full range of patient care, with various scans and treatments delivered simultaneously in one location by a team of specialists working together.

  • A unique concept in Europe: “one-stop” care. All of the Centre’s specialists (surgeons, clinical and imaging physicians, anaesthetists) work at a single site, with reception, in-patient care beds, medical and paramedical staff, consultation rooms, imaging department, and operating theatres. Having all of this expertise and these cutting-edge facilities together in one place allows us to provide comprehensive, collegial care, with no need for patients to move.

Seamlessly integrate CT and ultrasound scans with radiology images, for enhanced minimally invasive patient treatment in the fields of heart surgery, interventional cardiology, and vascular surgery.

Designed to ensure the most delicate procedures are carried out more easily and in complete safety, the two operating theatre are spacious (70 m² each), ergonomical, and well-lit, and both satisfy strict standards on access and layout.

Adjoining the operating theatres, the intensive care department has 15 spacious units bathed in natural light from the numerous windows. Each has its own dedicated staff (with one nurse assigned to each patient on assisted ventilation) and technological equipment (respirator, monitoring, lighting, medical supplies and medications). Three of these units are enclosed behind glass panels, for patients whose condition requires them to be kept in isolation.

All of the Centre’s high-tech imaging equipment is available exclusively for cardio-thoracic and vascular conditions, so scans can be carried out immediately, with no need to wait.

Siemens photon-counting CT scanner. The CCM is the first private hospital in the world to be equipped with a scanner of this kind, specifically designed for cardiovascular diseases (used for early diagnosis, in-depth assessment, and monitoring).

Skyra 3 tesla MRI. Available at all times for cardio-thoracic and vascular conditions only. By devoting this cutting-edge equipment exclusively to these diseases, both inpatients and outpatients are guaranteed fast, accurate diagnosis.

Ultrasound. For stress echocardiography, transoesophageal echocardiogram, 2D and 3D doppler ultrasound.

Your stay

Inpatient care

Our teams always go the extra mile to meet your individual needs, and constantly adapt treatments to provide a comforting and compassionate care environment that’s right for you. They are on hand whenever you need them, to help make your life easier.

The rooms are spacious with superb views of the sea, the Port, and the Rock of Monaco with the Prince’s Palace and gardens. If you are staying with us as an inpatient in a private room, you can be accompanied by your loved ones, who will have their own bed in your room and will be able to dine in our restaurant. Families can also opt to stay at the adjacent five-star luxury Hôtel Hermitage, which can be accessed directly from the CCM itself.

VIP-zimmer mit suite

A VIP room with a suite for family members or personal assistants is also available at the CCM.

“Parent and child” inpatient packages for children under eight years are also available (including a bed for the accompanying parent, meals, etc.).


International, high quality and personalized welcome services

Our Welcome Service was created to best satisfy all your wishes in a comforting, warm and international environment. From a personalized welcome to supporting patients during their stay, the Welcome Service is designed to offer you an even more comfortable and peaceful stay.

Exclusive to the CCM, the Welcome Service has been created to meet your every need, in a comforting, compassionate, international environment. Not only can you expect to be looked after personally by our staff on arrival and throughout your stay, but as part of the Welcome Service we will also assist with a range of other considerations, including:

  • Transfers to and from Nice Cote d’Azur airport, and help with logistical arrangements and administrative formalities;
  • Visa applications with Embassies,
  • Personal requests (hair stylist, beautician, newspapers, etc.),
  • Accommodation for your family members or any practical arrangements for your stay with us.

MULTILINGUAL STAFF: English – Arabic – Italian – Russian… or translator available.


  • Personalized welcome at the airport by our welcome officer
  • Organization of transfer by taxi, limousine or helicopter
  • Car rental organization
  • Organization of your family’s stay
  • Direct access to the Hotel Hermitage *****
  • Hairdresser, beautician on request
  • Administrative assistance for medical Schengen-visas
  • Available list with worship’s places description and direct personal contacts.


  • All rooms overlook the harbour or the Rock of Monaco
  • All rooms can be converted into suite or triple suite with an accompanying person, and full board accommodation
  • All beds are equipped for intensive care & telemetric monitoring
  • International TV channels – International newspapers
  • Free wifi
  • Safe
  • Parking
  • Garden


  • Home cooking, à la carte for you and your accompanying person
  • Menus adapted in accordance with medical instructions and dietary preferences (prohibitions due to religion or to your beliefs)
  • Dieticians at your disposal
  • Restaurant available for families
  • Sea view, bright environment.

Logistics and hospitality services – Sabrina FERRARO
T. +377 92 16 82 69 –
Coordination of medical appointments – Valérie Belvisi
T. +377 92 16 82 12 –

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